EnMotive Continues its Rapid Growth Announcing Acquisition of J&A Racing’s Timing Services

April 30, 2019

EnMotive, the largest timing and leading race production company in the U.S is expanding its innovating event services to Virginia.

Virginia Beach, Virginia – (April 30, 2019) – On behalf of EnMotive, we are proud to announce the acquisition of J&A Racing’s timing services. We are excited to expand our services, solutions, and expertise to new and existing events in Virginia. EnMotive caters to all types of endurance events, consistently committed to creating unforgettable and unimaginable race experiences for all. 

Timing over 1 million athletes annually, EnMotive is the largest timing company in the U.S.

“To continue to enhance products and experience for our runners, we have decided to hand over the timing of our events to EnMotive. Additionally, EnMotive will be acquiring our timing equipment and hiring our timing staff to provide this same world-class service to our race partners,” said Jerry Frostick, owner of J&A Racing, “Both companies are confident this powering acquisition will enhance functionality and strengthen organization across Virginia’s Running Community.”

EnMotive: The One Stop Source, is the only race registration platform that provides race registration, fundraising, volunteer, packet-pickup, timing, marketing, and photography. EnMotive was initially developed to manage and grow the national Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k, one of the most successful running series in the country. EnMotive now offers its platform to thousands of events across the country and reaches over a million participants by creatively utilizing integration, technology and social platforms. Headquartered in Chicago, EnMotive has 11 offices throughout the country.

EnMotive’s Virginia Beach office is led by Adam Swansen, former head of timing at J&A Racing, who is now head of timing for EnMotive. Adam began timing part-time in early 2012 and started working for J&A Racing in 2014. Timing over 700 races, Adam was recognized for providing the highest level of service and received the 2018 Chronotrack Pioneer award.  The Dennis Ikenberry Pioneer Award is presented to an individual, or a company, that pushes industry boundaries and sets new standards for peers. This individual or company is seen to embody the definition of a true “pioneer.” 

“Our team is passionate about supporting and growing our Running Community. We are very excited to work with you and enhance your business by integrating EnMotive technology into your events,” said Steve Ginsburg, CEO of EnMotive.

Please feel free to reach out to Adam Swansen, aswansen@enmotive.com to discuss how EnMotive can help your events from start to finish.

About EnMotive

EnMotive is one of the largest timing and race production companies in the United States and caters to all types of endurance events. Since its inception over 15 years ago, the company has built a reputation that has garnered attention from national races and race directors for their event needs. EnMotive delivers a suite of services that include race registration, fundraising, volunteer, packet-pickup, timing, marketing, and photography. EnMotive works with event directors and managers to significantly reduce their workload so that they can focus on their business. Based in Chicago with 11 offices across the country, EnMotive partners with hundreds of races from coast-to-coast while also producing our own race series, the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k in 22-cities and Mexico City, Mexico. To learn more about how EnMotive can help your races, please visit www.enmotive.com