Picky Bars Third Adaption of Feed the Dream Opens

March 9, 2018

Oregon-based energy bar company opens application window for Feed the Dream athlete sponsorship program.

BEND, Oregon. (March 9th, 2018) Picky Bars—the Oregon-based energy bar company founded by professional athletes Jesse Thomas, Lauren Fleshman, and Steph Bruce—has launched for the third year its Feed the Dream Sponsorship program to help support up-and-coming athletes. This year’s program will offer free food, mentorship, supplemental training tools, as well as a cash stipend to help offset competition costs.

“It’s true to our core to support fellow athletes, both amatuer and at the professional level. As athletes ourselves, Lauren, Steph, and I have received assistance that’s been invaluable to getting our careers off the ground or to the next level. We hope we can do something similar through Feed the Dream,” said Thomas.

Semi-professional athletes in any sport or discipline can apply to receive monthly deliveries of Picky Bars and Picky Oats, free access to Jasyoga’s portal of yoga for athletes tools, mentorship from Fleshman and Thomas, as well as a Competition Costs Stipend guaranteed to be at least $250. The stipend will be funded by sales of Feed the Dream t-shirts sold on pickybars.com. Shirts are $25, of which $15 goes directly to the athletes.

“Nutrition is a huge part of preparation, and quality food is freaking expensive.” Fleshman said of the program’s inception in 2016. “The Feed the Dream project was created to support athletes during one of the most rigorous and important times in their athletic career.”

Previous years have hinged around a certain event – The Summer Olympics in 2016 and Triathlon World Championships in 2017 – with the open-endedness of neither a sport nor event driving the program, athletes will receive support throughout the rest of the year, so they can chase down their dream whenever or wherever it is.

Qualified applicants will be US-based, 18 years or older, and receive less than 50% of their fixed income from their sport. Any sport with a professional circuit will be considered, with considerations being given to need, merit, and the human interest aspect of the athlete’s journey. More focus on fan-ability, less concern on podium-ability. Three athletes will be selected, to be announced on March 30th.

More information, shirt buying options, and athlete application are available at pickybars.com/feedthedream.

About Picky Bars

Picky Bars creates real food products to “Fuel Great Experiences.” Founded in 2010 in the home kitchen of husband (Jesse Thomas) and wife (Lauren Fleshman) with friend (Steph Bruce)—all professional endurance athletes—they set out to create a real food bar that was built for performance. Still 100 percent athlete-owned, the business is based in Bend, Oregon. Through wholesome products, great service, and some quirky humor, Picky Bars strives to support and inspire athletes of all levels to reach for their goals and live life to the fullest.

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