Renegade Racing and Sariol Legal Partner on 2018 Events

January 16, 2018

Premier Race Management Firm and Lawyers for Injured Cyclists Announce Partnership

Lake Forest, CA – Renegade Racing and Sariol Legal are teaming up in 2018. Sariol Legal is the official legal partner for Renegade Racing triathlons, including the Laguna Niguel Triathlon, Catalina Island Triathlon and the Turkey Triathlon, as well as the presenting sponsor for the Saddleback Spring Classic Gran Fondo, a cycling event in Irvine on March 24th benefiting the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

“We are thrilled to have Sariol Legal as the official legal sponsor and a presenting sponsor for our 2018 events,” said Jonathan Pauley, managing director of Renegade Racing. “Sariol Legal brings significant value to the cycling community with their comprehensive knowledge of current cycling laws and their commitment to educating cyclists on safety, advocacy, and helping everyone avoid bike accidents. Our participants will greatly benefit from our partnership with Sariol Legal and we are excited to partner with this incredible legal firm.” 

With destination events such as the Saddleback Spring Classic Gran Fondo and the Catalina Island Triathlon, the partnership will touch thousands of cyclists and triathletes from around Southern California, greater Southwest, and the United States.

“Sariol Legal was founded in 1989 and is the prestigious authority in handling cycling accidents in all of California; and what better way to keep the cyclist community safe than partner with the leading race production company in CA. We are thrilled to kick off 2018 by working with Renegade Racing by supporting and sponsoring a variety of races and events,” said Gven Sariol, Sariol Legal Administrator. “This partnership will help us connect and educate our local cycling and triathlon community about bike safety, legal and bike advocacy issues and inform the community about their “rights as cyclists”.  We strongly believe in giving back and if we can make a difference by decreasing the number of cycling accidents in our community, we’ve achieved our goal.”

Upcoming event information and registration: 

Laguna Niguel Triathlon & 5K – Laguna Niguel, January 28th www.lagunanigueltriathlon.com
Saddleback Spring Classic Gran Fondo – Irvine, March 24th www.saddlebackspringclassic.com
Catalina Island Triathlon – Avalon, November 3rd www.catalinaislandtriathlon.com
Turkey Triathlon – San Dimas, November 18th www.renegaderaceseries.com

About Sariol Legal

Sariol Legal is a law firm made up of results-driven bicycle accident attorneys and legal advocates. We are proven leaders in representing and protecting cyclists’ rights throughout California. Www.sariolcycling.com

About Renegade Racing

Renegade Racing produces running, triathlon, cycling, and adventure sports events throughout Southern California. www.renegaderaceseries.com

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